Friday, 4 April 2014

Europe in six days III

Sticking out my mother tongue some sounds have to make a long way round … I don´t like the impact my German has on the sound of my English. I don´t like how my German colors my English, covers my English.

We are eating alphabet soup. Each one of us has eaten too much of his favorite letters. We are swimming in alphabet soup. We have different letters as water wings slid onto our arms, which make us drift on the surface of the soup. They are both handicap and air mattress at the same time. Little islands which attract the others, because they are exotic but can be only reached by us. The specific sounds of each language are like roots you can trace. Like the roots of trees growing next to the pavement, bursting the stone open. We are playing scrabble with our broken English. We ourselves are like gaming pieces, like letters. Laid down next to each other we are making sense. 

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