Monday, 10 February 2014

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"Everything started in Norway."

Dear Anna Maria Stockinger,

We are happy to confirm your participation in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme and in this specific project. All members of staff and volunteers in our organisation are sending you a warm welcome! We are looking forward to your arrival and stay in our country and organisation, and we will be happy to introduce you to our work and culture.
The people I work with
Association ”ARTAREA” is a new Nonprofit organization, established November 2012 and popularizing non formal education in the field of culture, art and ecology through art. April 2013 it was accredited for sending, hosting and coordinating organization for European Voluntary Service in the program Youth in Action. The activity of the Association include young audience and society for all forms and genres of art and culture. Search and exchange of cultural heritage, traditions, values and intercultural diversity, understanding and personal development through the implementation of international projects and volunteering in EU programs.
- 2009 Youth Exchange Action 3.1 Klinika Lalek – Poland
- 2010 Youth Exchange Action 1.1 Lost Fire - Slovakia
- 2011 Youth Exchange Action 1.1 Neverending Fire - Slovakia
- 2011 Youth Initiative (Transnational) Action 1.2 Give the Fire - Slovakia
- 2012 Youth Exchange Action 3.1 Fenix-from fire to earth - Slovakia
- 2013 Youth Initiative (Transnational) Action1.2 - Vibration of creation - Poland

- Short term EVS project in Norway ("When the dead awakes") in the theater troupe Stella Polaris 2009 .
- Long-term EVS project in Slovakia ("Keep the fire") organization ART KRUH -2011/2011
What is ArtAreA

Well away from mainstream. Subculture. Charitable. Nonprofit.In the meantime ArtAreA has turned into a registered society (or: association). A “world outlook society” so to speak.
ArtAreA is formed primarily Yoana Yordanova (Bulgaria) and Andrzej Sojka (Poland). They are their own managers, self-governed and trying to do their own thing. And as far as I can estimate at this stage of time against all odds. As confident as one can be when giving birth to a brainchild in an environment, which at its best doesn’t care if this optimistic vision is viable or not (or: …is capable of survival, or: is able to survive)

Nevertheless we shall do everything lying in our power, and when one doesn’t fell powerless this can be a hell of a lot. We will dance, juggle, play theatre, spit fire and walk on stilts “as long as our breaths will carry us” (Theodor Kramer).

Abseits des Mainstreams. Subkultur. Gemeinnützig, nicht kommerziell. ArtAreA ist mittlerweile ein Verein. Ein „Weltanschauungsverein“. ArtAreA, das sind in erster Linie Yoana Yordanova (Bulgarien) und Andrzej Sojka (Polen). Künstler, Lebenskünstler, Überlebenskünstler. Sie sind ihr eigener Chef, verwalten sich selber, versuchen ihr eigenes Ding zu machen. Und soweit ich das zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt beurteilen kann, allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz. So souverän, wie man halt sein kann, wenn man eine Idee großzieht, in einem Umfeld, dem es bestenfalls gleichgültig ist, ob diese Idee einmal überlebensfähig sein wird oder nicht.

Aber wir werden alles tun, was in unserer Macht steht und wenn man sich nicht ohmnächtig fühlt, ist das viel. Wir werden tanzen, jonglieren, Theater spielen, Feuer spucken und auf Stelzen gehen, "[s]olange der Atem uns trägt." (Theodor Kramer).

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